Monday 5, 2016

Your Desktop &os=Android system is heavily damaged by (6)virus!

Run an antivirus program to remove any viruses or soon it will damage your phone's SIM card and will corrupt your contacts, photos, data, applications , etc

After cleaning:
The speed will increase by: 71%
Battery charging will increase by:59%

Phone will be loked in:

0 minutes and 09 seconds

This is what you should do (step by step):

Step 1: Click the button REMOVE VIRUSES NOW.

Step 2: Run an antivirus program to remove any viruses.


Google Security Center

Scanning for viruses ...


Progress Scan: 7droid.lib.messages

6 possible virus

We have detected that your Desktop &os=Android on 28,1% DAMAGED because of (6) virus from the website you just left.

Whatsapp (3) Facebook (1) Mail (2)